Land & Biodiversity: Resources

Videos & Webinars


Rebuilding the soil. One Somerset cattle farmer’s experience of changing his grazing regime for the better (6 minutes)

Farm Herefordshire. Looking at maintaining organic matter levels. Arable and grass (3 minutes)


Natural flood management. One hill farm’s experience on Yorks/Lancs border.  Defences in action after storm Ciara. Interesting to see water in full spate (3 minutes)

Sussex Wildlife Trust. Demonstrating simple practical methods of ‘slowing the flow’ and improving water quality in water catchments (7 minutes)

Cartoon explaining simply a holistic approach to river and water management. Why we have to consider the whole system (4 minutes) 

Woodland / Forestry

Farm advisory service. Two Scottish livestock farmers talk about the benefits of trees and woodland on their farms  (4 minutes)

Woodland Trust. A Cumbrian poultry farmer on the benefits of woodland. Clear and concise (2 minutes)

Woodland Trust. Tim Downes. Shropshire. Dairy Beef and arable. How trees and hedgerows are used on his farm (5 minutes)

Nature friendly farming

Farming for nature. 9 acre Irish smallholding and market garden. How a young couple are using the principles of permaculture and organic growing (6 minutes)

CPRE. Brief cartoon promoting varied landscapes in the UK (2 minutes)

Farming, nature recovery and natural flood management. What some upland farmers in Cumbria have been doing with the help of Ullswater Catchment CIC to build in more resilience (7 minutes)

James Rebanks and BBC. A very easy watch and introduction to what this Cumbrian sheep farmer is doing (3 minutes)


Soil Association. A well-produced and informative collection of primarily Scottish farmers showcasing their experiences with ‘mob grazing’. The practicalities, difficulties and benefits. Detailed and easy to watch (13 minutes)

Soil Association webinar. Lengthy but detailed webinar looking at agroforestry and using grazing systems incorporating trees (1 hour 10 minutes)

Carbon Calling webinar. Long and with a few technical hitches but a more in-depth peer to peer discussion between 4 livestock farmers in different parts of the country and their experiences of changing grazing regimes to a more regenerative approach. Includes James Evans from Bishop’s castle (1 hour 30 minutes)

Local examples

Focus on farmers. James Evans speaking about his change to organic and regenerative agriculture near Bishop’s Castle (6 minutes)

Organic research project. Live wheat trials on a Shropshire farm. June 2020 (12 minutes)

Woodland Trust. An example along the river Clun of collaboration between Environment Agency and Woodland Trust to prevent further erosion of land and improve water quality (3 minutes)

Caring for God’s Acre. An introductory look at Shropshire verges and their bio-diversity value (4 minutes)

Shropshire Wildlife Trust. A detailed and inspirational talk by the National Trust ecologist Peter Carty speaking about the ‘Stepping Stones’ project’ on the Long Mynd. What can be achieved with the collaboration of ecologists, farmers, Government and volunteer organisations. It was also featured on BBC’s Countryfile (53 minutes)

Local food

Soil Association. An excellent webinar on the practicalities of building a local food hub using Bowhouse, Fife as an example and the software from the Open Food Network. Detailed, practical and engaging (57 minutes)

Landworkers Alliance. Slow start and rather laid back but a good discussion between 4 Devon livestock farmers and growers of their experience of using different platforms and websites for direct online sales (1 hour 17 minutes)

Simon Platten talks about Tamar Grow Local (TGL), a resilient local food network in Devon. Inspired by TGL’s success, a group came together to start Marches Grow Local in June 2020 to see if a similar project could be replicated in Shropshire (1 hour 17 minutes)

Just because…

European Day of Parks. Nice easy short watch. Why Parks and protected areas are important (3 minutes)

AONB. Simon Armitage reading his poetry at Arnside and Silverdale AONB (6 minutes)

Websites to visit

Ezee Trees

A website for bio-degradable tree guards with a distributor in Telford.

Green Recovery Wales

A virtual festival of activities, ideas and discussions focused on farming and land management, sustainable food systems, restoring wildlife and working together towards a greener future for Wales.

High Water Film (Natural Flood Management films)

In a documentary-meets-toolkit, High Water Common Ground meets the communities most affected by flooding, examines the needs of the parties involved, and explores some of the most innovative methods of flood risk management using real examples from around the country.

Landworkers Alliance

A union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers with a mission to improve the livelihoods of its members and create a better food and land-use system for everyone.

Little Woodbatch Market Garden (a local initiative)

The market garden emerged as a result of years of academic research on sustainability in local food systems. Little Woodbatch feels that local food should not only be delicious and accessible but can be produced in a way that benefits the environment, community and local economy. 

Middle Marches Community Land Trust

A Trust owned and managed by local people to protect, conserve, restore and enhance our environment through the stewardship of land.

Stump Up For Trees

A small local charity in the Brecon Beacons aiming to plant a million broadleaf trees on 64 ha on Bryn Arw common.

Trees for Life

An impressive and attractive website for an ongoing rewilding and extensive tree planting project in Scotland.


Have been around since 1998 aiming to plant at least 5ha per year in Yorkshire primarily in the headwaters of the River Calder.

Ullswater Catchment Management CIC

A not for profit, community interest company based in Ullswater in the Lake District National Park, combining sustainable farming, conservation and natural flood management.

We bought a field

An ongoing transformation of one bare 11 acre field into a vibrant and biodiverse landscape in the south Shropshire hills. All recorded in Sarah’s exquisite photographs.

Articles & News

How and why Shropshire beef farmer is converting to organic

By Rhian Price (20th May 2018)

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How to save British farming (and the countryside)

By James Rebanks (3rd September 2020)

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Doing our bit for net zero

By the National Farmers’ Union (NFU)

The NFU has published a series of case studies in which farmers are taking steps towards net zero, one of them is Steve Klenk who farms in Herefordshire. 

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Farmvention competition, bringing food and farming into the classroom

By the National Farmers’ Union (NFU)

The competition is open to secondary and primary school children to identify Britain’s Climate Superheroes. Entrants are challenged to develop an innovation or idea that would help care for the environment and reduce climate impacts.

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Food and Climate Change without the hot air
Change your diet: the easiest way to help save the planet

By S L Bridle

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