Statement of Purpose


We are looking for interested individuals to collaborate in working groups to research and devise practical ideas and solutions which can be implemented and put into practice in South Shropshire.

The ideas will be recorded and drawn together in a clear and usable way; hence we describe a report or manual or handbook.

We don’t quite know what it will look like, but it will be a ‘live’ document, which can be added to as experience or application indicates.

It’s a place where you will be able to find out what is already happening, who to contact or visit, a resource where great ideas are collected together, where a person, a business, an organisation in everyday South Shropshire can find out what to do next to reduce carbon outputs.

There are three main considerations when developing ideas:

  • What might an idea actually Cost and who would pay? Think this through carefully, it does matter as this document must be practical and usable. But also think about the costs of not acting, or not developing an imaginative or innovative idea. Never reject an idea on the grounds of it being too costly (see Stern Review, 2006).
  • Is a development or idea Achievable? We must be practical, we need to act fast – so test an idea thoroughly on how achievable it is.
  • The third stress test is what Impact will the idea have? Again, we need to be realistic; tree planting has a low impact because of growth time, but has high psychological impact because people feel they are doing something.

We focus on south Shropshire and we are fortunate to work with the Shropshire Climate Action Partnership, many individuals are working in both organisations and we will work together to achieve a Zero Carbon Shropshire by 2030. We won’t wait to get started and so the document will feature best practice wherever it is, near or far, if we feel it has potential for our area.